Welcome to the Israel Alport Foundation website,


The Israel Alport Foundation (IAF) is an organization founded by Alport patients and dedicated for improving the lives of individuals and families affected by Alport Syndrome.


The foundation aims to create a lively and active community of members bringing together Alport families in order to address the multiple challenges associated with Alport.


The IAF mission is to:

- Establish a supportive community of  Alport families dedicated to addressing their various special needs  


- Strengthening communication and collaboration between patients, doctors and the scientific researchers  


 Establishing a research fund to support breakthrough scientific  advances in order to improve the lives of Alport patients and ultimately find a cure for Alport


- Take active part in the larger International community of Alport foundations around the world 


- Establish a registry of patients in Israel


- Promote early diagnosis of Alpot for new carriers



The foundation conducts annual meetings with patients and in collaboration with the medical and scientific community


Please contact us at info@alport.co.il for more information